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Weather themed sensory tray set

Weather themed sensory tray set

$85.95 Regular Price
$79.07Sale Price

Our weather themed sensory tray collection is the perfect hands on tool to teach young children to understand the concept of weather. This collection creates opportunity to create and play using different materials and textures. The collection also invites story telling of different memories of moments of sunny, rainy, cloudy and stormy days.


Included -

1 cloud tray (16.5cm in height, 30.5cm in width)

1 sun tray (Diameter- 23.5cm)

1 x lighting bolt (17cm in height, 9cm at its widest point)

3 x rain drops (9cm in height and 6.5cm at its widest point)


Please note:

- This product is suitable for ages 4+

- Timber may vary slightly in colour

- Accessories are not included

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